Congratulations Naomi: our Graduate Stylist!

Congratulations to Naomi, who has OFFICIALLY completed her NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing! Naomi had finished all her assessments soooooo long ago, but due to the pandemic and multiple lockdowns over the last year, her final exam to complete the course had been pushed back many times.

We are so pleased for Naomi on officially completing her qualification and excited for her to build up her clientele within the salon.

How are you feeling now that you have completed your exam?

I'm very excited! It's been over a year of waiting for this one exam and I'm soooo pleased to finally complete it. I wanted to cry happy tears when I finally found out I'd passed!

What did you have to do for your final exam?

I completed my exam on three models, as I had a lot of criteria to meet. We even had to use different brushes and finishing techniques on all the different models.

For my first model, I did a t-section of bright blonde highlights followed by a cool ash toner and then a restyle cut to take her from long to shoulder length. I did a blowdry on my second model, who has quite short hair, and styled into a mohawk. On my third client, I did a 'Chelsea blowdry' which is a curly blowdry using round brushes. I then pinned the curls so they set in place before styling the hair into a loose messy bun with dutch braids and twists.

After the practical side, I had to answer a lot of oral questions about exactly what I had done for each client and why. I was so buzzing when I'd finally finished!

Now that's finished, what are you most looking forward to?

I've spent so long training now and have enjoyed it, I enjoy seeing lots of different clients and I am now excited to build up my own column and gain more confidence.

What's your favourite service to do in salon?

I enjoy doing everything! Recently, I have been enjoying doing more highlights, so I'm looking forward to building up in that area. One thing I also really love is doing hair up! I love seeing the end result and seeing how happy the client is after having their hair done.

What's been your favourite hairstyle you have done so far?

I really loved transforming Megan's hair. She previously had really grown out balayage and had never been fully blonde before. Megan had been using pink toners on her hair not too long ago, so there was a slight pink tone to the ends.

I did a full head of highlights and really lifted the root area while also brightening the ends a little. I then used a cool toner to remove any extra warmth and leave a nice clean blonde. I really loved the end result, and seeing how even the colour is now.

Is there any other areas of hairdressing you would like to build on in future?

I'm really interested in creative cutting, especially on shorter styles and would love to build on that in future, learning more about using different techniques and texturising.

You can book in now with Naomi, our Graduate Stylist.

Please call 01536 710422 during opening hours to book your appointment.

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