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#Cut It Out! Northants

#CutItOutNorthants is a new initiative to train hair stylists and beauty therapists in our borough to ensure they know how to have difficult conversations about domestic abuse with their clients. The campaign was first developed in Norwich, Norfolk, following the tragic death of Kerri McAuley. Kerri was murdered by an abusive partner in 2017, only weeks after confiding in her hairdresser Annie Reilly that "I know he's going to kill me." Annie spoke about her guilt after saying, "I just thought it was a statement, a figure of speech. Every day I think about her and about what I could have done and what difference it could have made. I'm passionate about this campaign because as hairdressers, many of our clients confide in us and we need to be equipped with the right information so we help them in the best way we can."

When we heard about this initiative, our team at John Newman Hairdressing & Beauty really wanted to get involved. We attended an event at the Corby Cube which was so valuable in showing how to spot the signs of domestic abuse, as well as giving us information on the local services available.

We were so shocked and saddened by some of the figures and statistics surrounding domestic abuse:

- 1 in 4 women will experience some form of domestic abuse in their lifetime

- 2 women will lose their lives each week by a partner or ex partner

- On average, women will have 37 incidents of abuse before a report is made

- 17% of men will experience some form of domestic abuse in their lifetime

- 30 men will lose their lives each year by a partner or ex partner.

We talk to so many clients on a daily basis, and there is that level of confidentiality. In our role, we are more than just hairdressers. We are listeners, therapists, friends. We can look out for our clients and now have the tools to point them in the right direction should they need some support.

Natalie, our Manageress spoke about the campaign on Inspiration FM 107.8 on Thursday 27th February to spread awareness and encourage other people in the industry to take part in the #CutitOut Training. You can listen to her interview on our Facebook page.

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