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Hakuna Matata! Salon Showcase: The Lion King

"Over the last year, we have focused our in salon training sessions on hair styling and hair up in order for the stylists to gain more confidence in this area. To show the skills they have learnt and to give them the chance to be creative, we decided to do a showcase in the chosen theme of The Lion King.

The girls each chose a character they would like to base their look on and created a Mood Board to show the inspiration behind their idea. They then used this to plan the hair up and make up they wanted to create.

We loved how enthusiastic everyone was about this Showcase and how creative they got. Congratulations to our winners Charley & Lauren, who won the Facebook Vote and are actually our youngest and newest members of the team! Well done girls!" Natalie & Steph, Salon Trainers

Lily, Colour Specialist

"My lion king creation was inspired by ‘Mufasa’. I wanted to make it theatrical but also for general clients.

I used the GHD Crimper on each section at the root to help create padding for volume. After I crimped the root I curled the hair around a pencil and used the GHD Original straighteners to mould the hair into the shape of the pencil. I did this for every section, I then made two ‘Space Buns’ at the top of my model’s hair to create ears. I used orange, yellow and brown shades of eyeshadow to contour the outline of my model’s face. I then used eyeliner on the nose.

Overall, I thought my design went very well and was how I had envisioned. The hair looked like a lion’s mane but next time I would have used more eyeshadow as it didn’t show up as well through the camera. "

Megan, Graduate Stylist

"I took inspiration from ‘Zazu’, but wanted to ensure my style had lots of added colour and vibrancy.

I started by putting the hair into small ponytails down the centre of the head, followed by curling with small tongs. I then back combed and teased the hair into place to create a faux Mohawk. Finally, I added bright coloured feathers to create texture and finish the look.

To compliment this style, I created statement eyes using multiple bright shades of eyeshadow.

I really enjoyed choosing a character and evolving a hairstyle around this."

Naomi, Second Year Trainee

"The look I created was based on the character ‘Rafiki, the monkey. To create this look, the first thing that I did was plait a large Dutch plait in the top centre of the hairline, along with two smaller Dutch plaits either side. To hold the plaits in place, I used L’Oreal Fix design hair spray. I then continued by spraying the hair with Pli to hold the rest of the hair in place. I proceeded to curl the remaining head of hair; with larger curls on the bottom layer and smaller curls on the top layer. Once this was done, I pulled the plaits out to make them stand out more. To finish the hair, I incorporated feathers into the braids. The look was finished by creating a makeup look that resembled ‘Rafiki’."

Lauren & Charley, First Year Trainees

"We chose to base our style on the character of ‘Shenzi’.

To produce the hair, we used a number of hair bobbles to keep the 2 sections of hair in an upright position. We then back combed the remaining of the hair to provide structure to the style. Finally, we pinned pipe cleaners around the bobbles to enforce the structure and ensure this stayed in place.

We wanted our model to look like a real life hyena so used face paint for a more dramatic look. I started by covering the whole face in white, I used grey around the edges to blend with the hairstyle and on the cheekbones to enhance the shape. I created brush strokes with black face paint in some areas to create the illusion of fur. We were both proud of our style and enjoyed being so creative."

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