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Shades of Balayage

We also love creating a root blur or root shadow to allow the colour to grow out easily, and prolong any obvious regrowth. Some hair trends disappear as quickly as they arrive, but balayage is 100% one that's here to stay!

First of all, what is balayage?

Balayage is a highlighting technique which is usually painted freehand onto the hair, rather than your traditional foil or bag highlights. This helps to create a beautifully soft and more natural colour, but can easily be intensified for a bolder look.

Balayage is universally loved by clients and stylists alike, for many reasons:

  • It can be a great introduction to colour for virgin hair

  • Gives a more effortless look, with a softer root area

  • Less maintenance than traditional highlights, as roots don't show as obviously during growth (perfect throughout the last year!)

  • It's so versatile! If you're after a more natural sun kissed look, or a bold bright blonde, we've got the perfect technique for you

It's definitely one of those techniques that can be used in lots of different concepts and ideas. You may want your hair colour to look really soft and blended or you might decided to go for something more solidly lighter and brighter on the ends.

We love creating a root blur or root shadow to allow the colour to grow out easily, and pro long the appearance of regrowth.

A really popular colour at the moment is a golden sunkissed balayage, perfect for the Summer! Whether you are going for a more subtle blend or high contrast colouring, the placement is more natural with more towards the front of your hair, where the sun would naturally hit your face.

We've gathered up some of our favourite balayage looks created by us, to show you just some of the ways balayage can enhance your hair.

As you can see, balayage can be a great option for any hair colour, length or style.

Book in for a free consultation to discuss your perfect balayage.

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